Caigang composite board activities room

Caigang composite board activities room

Caigang composite board activity room is a light steel framework combined with other components of the Caigang mobile homes, activities of this structure excellent quality rice, earthquake resistance and wind resistance, and the use of longer.

Container combination room, container construction using standardized standard components, according to user needs to assemble a variety of sizes, uses different Caigang activities room. It is characterized by thermal insulation effect, installation, demolition convenience.

The product is especially suitable for large-scale plant, construction engineering headquarters, project manager department, the city's construction sites, offices, staff quarters, hostels, restaurants, warehouses, cement storage and large-scale construction site of the overall living space.

Product features are:

1. Beautiful appearance, suitable price, economical and practical.

2. With anti-typhoon, anti-seismic, heat insulation, noise, heat, moisture and so on.

3. Easy assembly and disassembly, short installation period, especially for emergency engineering needs.

4 house light weight, transportation is convenient and save.

Various advantages of Caigang activity room, making it more applications in the market, it is more suitable for those who require higher users.

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