Container Reconstruction Office

Container Reconstruction Office

Container Reconstruction Office is a common temporary shelter, often seen in the construction site, the interior of the converted office is large and comfortable. The following introduces the advantages of the container office:

1, you can move quickly at any time. Just one forklift can be moved close to the whole, just a forklift and flatbed trailer can be ultra-long distance overall removal.

2, no special requirements on the venue. If you do not need to use a combination of container houses do not need to do the place to deal with the foundation, even the mud can also be shipped to the scene after the box down on the external power supply can be used immediately, there is no need to install any on-site power distribution.

3, the interior is fully furnished, just like we usually see ordinary office room. Common configuration is: built-in lamp 2, socket 3 (one for the air conditioning dedicated socket), are pre-installed, just use the built-in external cable and the external power supply can be connected to all safe to use. Complete interior decoration, external power, can be built-in air conditioning, electricity, lighting, tables and chairs, immediately available.

4, long life, you can repeatedly use and move, do not need disassembly, no material loss.

This is the color steel plate combination of light steel, container combination room advantages, it is not only easy to move, the requirements for the placement is also very low, the decoration is not inferior to the daily office space, and long service life.

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