Container mobile room

Container mobile room

Container mobile housing in recent years, rapid development in the country, is a temporary foreign exchange technology introduced by the mature technology, the current fox application occasions, shops, construction sites and other occasions.

Mobile housing installation, the mobile home welding, where needed, the crane can be hoisted to the ground, time-consuming, and save a lot of labor costs. The activity board room workers need to install, this does not have the advantage. In addition, the mobile home occupies the absolute advantage in terms of materials, it is all welded together, the thickness of the box is thicker than the mobile board room. Early in the docks and other places are used to resist the strong winds of the attack, so its solidity is very good. Use wind, fire and sound effects are better. This point container moving house can be said to be very good.

Whether it is the activity room or the container transformation room, the activity container room is a temporary housing. The materials of the activity board room are also continuously upgraded now. The fire prevention and windproof performance has been greatly improved, which can fully meet the daily needs of construction units. The activities of mobile homes and mobile homes are temporary space, long-term count down, or activities of the board is more cost-effective.

Therefore, after analysis, the container mobile home or have many advantages, in the temporary shelter, the choice of container mobile home or with a low price, easy to use, but also short-term rental.

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