Container combination room

Container combination room

Container complex is a kind of temporary residence, which is usually near the building. Therefore, office workers usually have no place to live. In order to solve this problem, the building has become a common temporary residence.

Caigang composite board activities room , container building material is steel, each house can weigh up to 2 tons, durable, resistant to M8 earthquake, the ability of anti-extrusion deformation; handling is very convenient, especially for regular replacement Construction of the unit; the main container is still a good mobile housing sealing performance, if in accordance with the standards of shipping containers to make, it's waterproof performance is very good, can reach drip leakproof.

And also flexible assembly. Single, double, three or even more can be built, very convenient solution to people's living problems.

These advantages of container combination rooms are simply for the construction staff tailor-made products, with the continuous emergence of personalized creativity, many tourist attractions will also use this house as a feature to meet the individual needs of young people.

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