Modular integrated housing

Modular integrated housing

Modular integrated housing is a green urban construction, for the domestic densely populated, less land resources, container houses this low-carbon green building types, will gradually be developed and people's recognition.

Integrated housing is characterized by low cost, light weight, high strength, steel recyclable in use, with green pollution-free. By the column beam load-bearing, wall filling wall than the traditional reinforced concrete columns, wall section is small, in fact, reduced the structural area, an increase of the use of the building area and practical value.

At the same time, container combination of buildings , container construction can greatly improve the safety and reliability of residential buildings, seismic, wind good performance. Compared with concrete structure, its seismic performance is much better than that:

First, the material ductility, seismic performance;

Second, it is light weight, the structure of lateral displacement, the force is not controlled by the seismic force, but mainly the impact of wind load;

Third, the structural system is basically not converted, vertical stiffness uniform.

Integrated housing meets the sustainable development of housing needs, enabling housing industrialization, industrialization, and mass production, factory production, site installation, construction mechanization level is very high, and the construction speed.

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