Fold-integrated room

Fold-integrated room

Flip-flops integrated room in the market is very widely used, this is because the market has a very high demand, only the needs of the product can be developed and applied.

Usually an integrated room basic length of 6 meters in length and width of about 3 meters, about 2 meters in height, do not look small to less than 20 square meters of space, in fact, the role is very large, such as on the site, This kind of house is usually used for accommodation of workers, as well as for various uses such as canteen, bathhouse, warehouse.

Do not look at the small house, but it is all-encompassing, decoration can be high and low three grades, low-grade is what the circuit inside, others have to go with their own equipment, mid-range there are installed water circuit and network cable, There are basic living supplies, such as simple tables and chairs and bed, so upscale decoration is what it looks like, in addition to the basic living facilities, but also installed air conditioning, shower room, bathroom system readily available, regardless of Is the kind of grade decoration, the structure of the house and the plate are made of fire-retardant materials and high-quality steel components combined to ensure the safety of both wind and rain but also to ensure the effect of noise and heat insulation, Guarantee to live in people can feel the feeling of cool in winter and cool in summer. In fact, the speed of the development of the domestic construction industry alone, we can determine the trend of integrated housing.

In fact, still out of primary stage, but also on the site in popularity, like abroad, many designers put him / her assembled into different shapes, use is very much, such as gym, cafe, canteen and so on The role of some simply designed to live in villas, creative, living is also a pleasure and a pleasant. I believe that after such a speed of development, will soon be popular, with the hot integrated room, a variety of modified room also become hot up, if not the market needs, it will not be so popular, so thanks to the market.

Caigang composite board activity room, color steel light steel portfolio room development is driven by market demand, according to the development trend abroad, there will be many creative container construction for people to use and residence.

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