Container vacation home

Container vacation home

Container vacation house is a type of creative building, which belongs to the relatively rare building in China. The characteristic is that the container itself has excellent bearing capacity, so the load capacity of the building even exceeds that of some traditional buildings.

In the traditional construction method, the foundation to the molding must be piled up on the site brick by brick, while the container building and the container villa introduce the container elements into the assembly building system, which retains the concept of the container shape, which can move integrally and Lifting function and a body in the factory to complete the flow of single-unit mass production operations in the construction site only assembly and splicing, the construction time will be shortened, and it to mechanized production instead of manual production, human costs can be reduced a lot of.

And make the site management, materials storage and construction safety best protected, at the same time will develop a recycling economy into their own strategic business, with existing containers as the basic module modification of housing, make full use of existing resources, the use of container steel columns and The side wall itself is the characteristics of the steel structure of the building by force, the container modular combination of the freedom to form the basic structure of housing construction, a substantial saving in the construction process of steel and concrete to achieve energy saving and environmental protection goals.

Therefore, the cost of this type of container combination holiday house will be cheaper than that of the traditional buildings, and can be used for second time, and the disassembly is very convenient. And there will not be a lot of construction waste, multiple container combinations, and the area of ​​the houses can be expanded.

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