Container color plate house made for you on mini villas

Container color plate house made for you on mini villas

Second-hand container color plate house, as long as you are through reasonable design, you can turn waste into treasure, recycling, transformed into a warm mini-house. According to statistics, one of the participating works was "Mini Villa" at the third cultural and creative design industry trade fair in Suzhou, attracting everyone's attention.

There is the International Expo Center, there is a green "mini cottage" about one meter high, 6 meters long, can be moved, both sides also have a window, the visual effect is very good, natural lighting. There is also solar energy installed on the roof, in order to provide energy and heat throughout the villa, the eaves around the top of the box is set to collect rainwater, which also formed a large reservoir, and then proceed Some of the simple treatment can also be turned into domestic water, in order to provide a lot of convenience for residential life, in this small space, readily available, a kitchen, bathroom, horizontal, living room, in a very large To meet the basic needs of housing. Container color steel housing each space has been a reasonable use.

Container color steel houses can put the tourist attractions, the interior of the scenic area to meet the different needs of tourists, you can also protect the ecological environment will not be destroyed.

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