Container equipment room conversion design is really good

Container equipment room conversion design is really good

In the eyes of most people, container equipment room is generally placed in the dock to use the product, is basically used in the dock to hold the goods, and that is both large and ugly objects, but many designers for these The container is very soft-headed, through the container design has a lot of stunning decoration style, together today and manufacturers to enjoy it!

This is a container transformation of the house, through the transformation of the container to form a house, through cutting and reinforcement, and interior decoration, the formation of this magnificent house.

This is two containers stacked together to form a new house, renovated it into a house, the stairs next to a very personal.

Cut the three sides of the container, leaving a wall background, the other three sides with glass, decorate the container in the house, and then planted some flowers on the roof, it is so beautiful.

Several containers stacked together, through the design of decoration is a new cafe, is not very personal.

This container design is too industrial style.

In the darkness, walking on the sidewalk, encounter such a decoration shop you will go?

Container equipment room is currently a very young branch of the construction field, which can be used in a variety of buildings, the design of container equipment room is also a lot of things designers want.

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