Does the container building need to be fitted with lightning protection devices?

Does the container building need to be fitted with lightning protection devices?

With the continuous progress of society, there is a kind of walking container building gradually appear in front of people, now also more and more clear understanding of the role of the building.


This kind of container building is in the ordinary Activity Room Foundation unceasingly deepens the improvement, has promoted the movable room safety performance more greatly, has achieved today people more concerned question. Natural disasters humans are unavoidable, like tsunamis and earthquakes, so in terms of container construction, does it need to install lightning protection devices? To this end, Xinxiang Steel Structure Engineering Co., Ltd. specifically consulted the relevant personnel, understand, generally in accordance with the standard construction of the container building is lightning protection, its structure is light and simple steel structures, its steel pillars, steel truss, steel purlin, such as a meter or more than one meter square metal net, the general height of the house in three meters, All metal bodies are also grounded to form a good grounding net. This kind of grounding net also provides a good lightning protection measure for container building.


Integrated with the above relevant professionals, container building is your 鞥 dog Lightning, so there is no need to install a special lightning protection device, our company for many years professional manufacturers, container construction quality and security, is your ideal choice.

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