Container moving house on green belt move

Container moving house on green belt move

In the past two years, with the increasingly popular container mobile room, many villagers in the green Belt also built a house, a little strange.


Recently, a village in a street in a city, some villagers to the relevant departments, said that many villagers in the village occupied the green Belt pedestrian road in the village Tung Tau, privately built more than 20 container mobile rooms, hope to be dealt with. The reporter learned the news, found the village, went in to find that these container mobile rooms have been opened into hotels and restaurants and garage, one of the vendors told reporters that the rental of these container mobile rooms only 1000 yuan a month, most of them are only half a year's rent, the cost is very low, look around, There are also rental contacts on the outer walls of these container mobile rooms, but the authorities soon notified them to move or forcibly demolish them. XINXIANG Steel Structure Engineering Co., Ltd. Friendship reminds us, although the container mobile room is easy to build and low-cost, but can not be arbitrarily erected, otherwise hinder the use of public places, but also damage the city, if hard to do business, the time will not be lost, if considered in the long run, We have to choose the legal lot for the formal operation, so that we can have long-term benefits.


According to the law, the legal residence, is that every citizen should abide by, our company in the sale of these container mobile room will remind you buyers, let you live comfortably at ease.

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