The electronic gymnasium built by container color steel plate House

The electronic gymnasium built by container color steel plate House

ByContainer Color Steel Plate HouseBuild a variety of houses, I believe many people have seen, but the real realization of the electronic gym, small set I was the first to hear Oh!


In Shenzhen, by the container color steel plate house built a fitness club, the appearance resembles the container, the black and yellow exterior wall spraying has "the Super Gorilla" the logo and the word, many reporters heard this gym characteristic, all decided to see the face. It is understood that the container color steel Plate House Fitness Club is Longgang a mother and her team masterpiece, unlike the ordinary gym, it is no one to guard, no need to do card, as long as through the micro-letter or app booking, and then pay 50 yuan per hour of equipment use fee will be able to obtain admission verification code, full name self-help free fitness. When the reporter walked into the container color plate house, the gymnasium modern wall, about 40 square meters, the internal equipment are very complete, the service is thoughtful, you can book one-on-one teaching or learning, including running, strength training, aerobics, yoga and other fitness needs, but also equipped with shower facilities. This relaxed and enjoyable fitness model, which is popular with many consumers, is quite humane.


Consumer Freedom, want to go, and very electronic, as long as there is a mobile phone through micro-letter or scan two-dimensional code can easily achieve fitness good habits, the key is the use of container color steel plate housing as the main housing structure, economic and environmental protection, can not help but sigh this mother's wisdom.

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