The rise and trend of Xinxiang container house

The rise and trend of Xinxiang container house

The Xinxiang container house is extremely structural. Suitable for a variety of foundations. Compared with other container houses, we can analyze them in detail.

In the first point, the container movable room can be used in various weather conditions, and it is applicable to most parts of China, and construction is carried out all year round without interruption.

Point 2, the cost is relatively low, and the structure is very stable.

The third point can be flexibly combined to further expand the use space and function. It can be combined in the vertical and horizontal directions according to the needs. The independent house-type container units can also carry out 2~3 layer stacking combinations. .

The fourth point is able to resist earthquakes.

Therefore, this container house is also very safe. In addition, this container mobile home does not produce construction waste and is very environmentally friendly. Resident container mobile homes are also very profitable. Some companies rely on mobile home rentals for profit, of which rental accounts for more than 70%.

There are also many companies and farmers moving houses to rent to do construction quarters, guard posts, toilets. There are many advantages, such a low rent, Xinxiang container house is welcomed by our workers and friends.

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