Housing container

Housing container

Housing containers by people like the reason is low-carbon environmental protection, the current construction of serious pollution, and the long construction period, the construction of a variety of environments may have a certain impact on the urban environment, so low carbon and environmental protection has become the people's constant pursuit of the goal.

Take the living features compared with the traditional residential buildings, container combination room, part of the advantages of container construction is very significant. And the container house adopts the mode of "factory manufacture + on-site installation". Product manufacture and foundation treatment can be carried out at the same time. This is basically equivalent to the process of streamlining the industrialized process of compressed version. After completing the "residential" construction, Material, human, financial costs.

Taking a 10,000-square-meter student apartment as an example, compared with brick-and-mortar houses, the construction water consumption is 1/30 of that of brick-concrete houses and 1/50 of that of concrete; the construction rubbish and renovation refuse are reduced by about 99%, reduce the amount of concrete used about 9800 cubic meters, reduce the construction water consumption of about 1450 tons, reduce the construction waste of about 495 tons; building materials recovery rate of 70% more than traditional buildings, construction period shortened by about 50% Compared to the overall energy saving of about 50%.

In addition, the container used 50mm rock wool board, compared with the traditional brick masonry structure of 250mm brick wall, thermal performance is still 2 times higher.

In the trend of energy saving and environmental protection, the container can also get the user's approval, and gradually be promoted and applied. I believe in the near future there will be more people will choose container houses as our home.

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