Container Hotel

Container Hotel

Container hotel is a new product, it has the function of the hotel, the internal equipment, and can be quickly loaded, timely destination, convenient transportation, a variety of ways can be transported.

Stacked modular hotel space than the average traditional wooden cabin and car room to be smaller, so it is suitable for different types of venues, with great flexibility. The modules can be combined into multiple rooms and the hotel system has its own infrastructure, so no additional utilities and emissions are required. Each room is automatically heated and contains bathroom, double bed, flat-screen TV, power socket, free Wi-Fi and safe.

Saving manpower and cost, but can also promote popularity in a short period of time to stimulate consumption, promote the concept of creative business strategy, this is not easy to produce the concept of temporary fatigue shop concept, and the recent red container construction mode combined First, I provide personalized service.

This container house, color steel light steel portfolio house currently has some applications in the country, the main is to build convenient, to meet the increasing needs of people.

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